For soprano voice, electric violin, flute or alto recorder, percussion & soundtrack. Duration 11:56


About the lives and times of Marilyn Monroe based on original interviews. Video by Kristien Kerstens


Commissioned by and dedicated to Elektra with financial support from the FPK in 2005.


Her name at birth was Norma Jean Baker. Her mother gave her to a foster family. She lived with different people, and often was mistreated. At age sixteen Norma Jean married a sailor but she soon ended that marriage. She changed her hair color from brown to gold and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. She wanted to be an actress and appeared in a number of Hollywood movies. By the time she had reached the age of twenty-six, her talent and beauty earned her a place as one of America's leading movie stars. But success and fame were not enough to make her happy. She died at the age of 36, probably from an overdose of pills.


ABLE TO BE was written in an attempt to show the real person behind the icon.


Fame will go by, and so long, I've had you fame, that's not where I live. I've always know it was a fickle.


Marilyn Monroe



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