BUKU for alto sax + soundtrack


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Composed in the Spring of 2006 for Arno Bornkamp, with financial support from the Dutch FPK.

Premiere July at the World Saxophone Congress in Slovenia, July 7 2006. Duration: 8:15


Buku was recorded by Arno B.   and was released on:

JacobTV - Shining City, Basta 3091742

Arno B plays JacobTV, Basta 3091962

The title refers to a remark by Charlie Parker about Dizzy Gillespie in an interview. Charlie: “I don’t remember precisely, I just know that he was playing in what you might call in the vernacular streets of Buku”. Reporter:”Buku?” Charlie: “Yeah, Buku.” He does not seems to know what Parker is referring to. Is Buku some remote place deep down in Africa?  He’s probably using the French word ‘beaucoup’, meaning ‘a lot’. So Dizzy was playing a lot...


Buku is based  on very short musical sound bytes: a hit, a roll or a lick, from original jazz performances: moments of great intensity, energy and beauty.  BUKU is about the soul of the alto sax and a tribute to three alto giants: Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley and Art Pepper. Meet them in Buku!