Duration: 12:00

for large ensemble & soundtrack


Written 2004 for De Volharding, commissioned by FPK.


instrumentation A
piccolo/flute, soprano sax, altosax, tenorsax,French horn, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, bass trombone, piano, bassguitar, drums  & soundtrack


instrumentation B*

flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, trombone, marimba, drums, piano, string quartet, bass guitar

* by Jose Riojas


Based on a 1978 concert announcement by Dexter Gordon in Carnegie Hall  and sound bytes from George Adams singing 'The Blues up and down' and a 23 minutes lasting 'Pay Day Blues'.


Live recording extract from the premiere by De Volharding.



1. Welcome (m 1)

2. Cheese Cake (m 59)

3. Secret Love (m 135)

4. The blues up and down (m 175)


score in C


De soundtrack consists of 3 layers:

1. spoken word by Dexter Gordon & George Adams

2. artificial echo ( delay) from the band

3. audible click track, part of the rhythm section





Good evening ladies ands gentlemen!

Welcome to our

second annual

Carnegie Hall


We’d like to uh

begin our set with

The songs I request are not always the best

but the ones where the trumpets blare

for what else can you do at the end of a love affair....


Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

welcome to our concert!

we’d like to uh begin our set with an original

and we’d like to work out on uh


The songs I request ... etc


And this .one is about something very very good

ch ch cheese cake!

Ain’t that wild?

Cheese cake! a ha ha!

chhhhhheeeeeeeessssee ccccaaaakkke

ahahahaha ain’t that wild?

just what we needed huh?

cheeeeeeeese cake cake cake

ch ch ch  cheese cake etc. aha!

thank you very very much ladies and gentlemen


Ain’t that wild?

Cheese cake!


Once we had a secret love but it’s no secret anymore

Whether you are near or far, makes no difference anymore

‘Cause I’m so completely.... yours....

Girl of my dreams you so...

Lately I find.... you’re on my mind....
more than you know... I love you so....


We’d like to uh - and we’d like to work out on uh

A vehicle called: uh : the blues up and down!


Here it is: Pay Day!

Times! - a real real real good time!

It’s alright babe, ain’t got a dime

Booze, booze, a real real good time!

Ain’t got a monkey on my back

I spent all - it’s alright babe

Where they go? time...

Not alone, not alone

Times have changed babe!

Sweet lovin’ babe!

Here it is: Pay Day!