GRAB IT!  9:44

tenor sax & sound track € 45


bass clarinet & sound track € 45


electric guitar & sound track € 45


electric violin & sound track € 45


percussion & soundtrack € 45


sax quartet & sound track € 60


bass & drums € 25


performance video € 25


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Originally composed for tenor sax November 1999 for Arno Bornkamp with financial suport from the FPK. After a performance by Arno at the World Sax Congress in Montreal, July 2000, Grab it! became popular and is now a repertoire piece for the tenor sax.

Growing up in the sixties with blues, jazz and rock, American music had a strong impact on my work. I believe that language is one of the origins of music, which is obvious in Afro-American music. In GRAB IT! I tried to explore the ‘no-man’s-land’ between language and music.
When people get emotional, the musical quality of their speech is often increasing. So I prefer to use sound bytes from people in extremely emotional situations. Crying is almost a kind of singing, for instance.

Grab It! is based on voice samples from life-sentenced prisoners. The rough vitality of their verbal abuse matches the harsh sound of the tenor sax. GRAB IT! is a kind of duet, a 'dual’ if you like, for tenor sax and speech grooves. The horn competes in unison with a perpetual range of syllables, words and sentences, which demands intense endurance from the performer. The meaning of the lyrics becomes gradually clear during the piece, as well as the hopeless situation for the prisoners. In jail suicide is not uncommon: 'He tied one end around the pipe, and he hung himself. So he went out the back door rapped up in a green sheet with a tag on his toe....You lose everything!' But in a way, death row is also a metaphor for life: The piece is not just sad, but can also be understood as a ‘memento vivere’. Life is worth living: Grab it!’


Arno Bornkamp

Niek Kleinjan


bass & drum parts can be added to any solo version


performance videos DVD

containing videos by both M.Zegers and  JacobTV on a hybrid DVD

including the videos as files.


Electric guitar version in collaboration with Kevin Gallagher


Percussion version in collaboration with Brad Meyer & Niek Kleinjan.

small & large ensemble versions:



rock band 2006 version in  collaboration with Electric Kompany



for a one of each ensemble by request of Combustion Chamber



for big band + string orchestra performed by Metropole Orchestra cond. Lucas Vis, starring Hans Dulfer at Dutch Music Days, Dec. 2003.

commissioned by Willem Breuker


GRAB IT! X12 *

for saxophone ensemble & drums


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