Duration: 17:00 - 24:00 ( depending on improvisations)


version A
Bb trumpet, alto & tenor sax, piano, bass, drums & audio + video

( possibility to replace the  Bb trumpet by a soprano sax)


version B

alto & tenor sax & trombone, piano, bass, drums audio + video


version C

sax quartet, piano, bass, drums,  & audio + video


version D

sax quartet  & audio + video

NOte: This version has piano, bass & drums on the soundtrack!


HEARTBREAKERS is a suite for soundtrack + (jazz) sextet, based on spoken word samples from American talk shows from the 90s, like the Jerry Springer Shows. Composed 1997-1998 and premiered by the Houdini’s at the  JacobTV Festival in 2001 in Rotterdam.

Financial support: FPK.


The soundtrack is composed of samples of emotional confrontations from American talk shows of the 90’s. The one-liners and dialogues between hosts and guests build ideal musical themes because of their soeech melodies and  its emotional content and intensity. Each and every note is derived from the melody and rhythm of the spoken word. The music is written out from beginning to end, with the obvious exception of the respective solos for trumpet, piano, tenor sax and alto sax. intuitive associa- tion has resulted in a collage of jazz and rock clichés, the typical idiom of musical interludes of talk shows.


VJ Danielle Kwaaitaal compiled a video show for Heartbreakers in 2001. Special thanks to Jan Willem looze who reconstructed that original video.
Heartbreakers is a unique mixture of rock, jazz and dance.

CD recordings: Houdini’s on:

JacobTV– Heartbreakers, Emergo EC3920-2  video! )

JacobTV - Shining City 2CD+DVD Basta 3091742 ( inc. videos)

other recordings:

New Century Quartet - On Track Alanna Records ACD6006




sax quartet, piano, bass, drums audio + video



Bb trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, piano, bass, drums, audio+video


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alto & tenor sax and trombone, piano, bass, drums audio + video



sax quartet, audio + video