LIPSTICK for flute, alto flute & soundtrack

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Alejandro Escuer, flutes


Composed  for flute/alto flute and soundtrack for Eleonore Pameijer in 1998 with financial support from the FPK for a ballet.
The soundtrack is based on ready-made audio from American talkshows: desperate conversations about human relationships, and an interview with Billie Holiday, in which she quotes from her favourite song ‘Don’t explain’, about a deceived woman:

' Skip that lipstick and I know you cheat and what love endures'  A French relation therapist  says: ‘You are jumping all those hoops’, referring to the crazy life of these desperate talk show guests. Lipstick has 3 movements: fast - slow - fast. Lipstick was first performed in the US by Margaret Lancaster and recorded by other eminent flutists such as Manuel Zurria, Katherine Kemler, and Alejandro Escuer.

In 2008, JacobTV added a performance video to Lipstick