TALLAHATCHIE CONCERTO for alto sax & chamber orchestra 2003

1. slow movemen 8:02

2. fast movement 10:29

The Tallahatchie Concerto was commissioned in 2001 by the Dutch broadcasting company NCRV and is dedicated to Arno Bornkamp, who has performed the work many times across Europe. The premiere and simultaneous radio broadcast was on March 3 2002, at Vredenburg, Utrecht with  the Radio Kamerorkest conducted by Thierry Fischer.
Tallahatchie Concerto is the first piece that I wrote after the oratorio Paradiso, my  ‘magnum opus’ so far. This is the reason why ‘pink shadows of heavenly orange clouds’ hang over the slow movement.  It is in fact a stretched out crescendo-accelerando, in which the saxophone gradually leads us from celestial atmospheres into terrestrial ones. The word ‘tallahatchie’ occurred to me spontaneously.  It appears to be a Native American word, meaning ‘river of rocks’, which I believe is an apt metaphor for this concerto: the river representing time and melody, and the rocks representing rhythm. Other hornplayers like Branford Marsalis and Ties Mellema performed it several times.
A new version was arranged by Mark Rogers for wind orchestra. Branford performed it with the US Navy Band in 2012.


Publishers: DONEMUS and PEER Clasical for Noth America.

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