Barnegat Bay


For Bb clarinet

Written in Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island, New Jersey USA in 1992

Dedicated to British clarinettist Roger Heaton.

Perfoemd by Kees Vos.

The sea is always an inspiring place to be. I survived, what they called "The Storm of the Century" in 1992  in a wooden beach house. During that very cold winter I walked along the beach of Barnegat Bay and was inspired by fog horns that  prevented ships from stranding.

The area surrounding the Barnegat Bay and Barnegat Inlet were described by Henry Hudson, in 1609:  "A great lake of water, as we could judge it to be. The mouth of the lake hath many shoals, and the sea breaketh on them as it is cast out of the mouth of it." 
The bay was originally named in 1614 "Barendegat," or "Inlet of the Breakers," by Dutch settlers, referring to the waterway's turbulent channel.