BARRACUDA CONCERTO for percussion solo & chamber orchestra 2006

Both Barracuda Concerto, for percussion and orchestra and Barracuda Solo for percussion solo were commissioned by the Tromp International Percussion Competition 2006 and financed by the Dutch Fund for the Creation of Music. Both scores are dedicated to Evelyn Glennie.

Being simultaneously written, the solo and the concerto version have 90% in common. Both versions will be premiered during the Competition in October 2006 at the Muziekcentrum Frits Philips Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


Duration: 14’

Instrumentation: : perc-solo, fl(pic) fl 2ob cl cl-b(cl) fg cfg 4h trp trb timp str

Audio recording: premiere, featuring Shizuka Seki, percussion, Brabants Orkest, Hans Leenders, conductor.

Video recording: NY premiere, Peter Ferry solo percussion, Sound ExChange functioning as an orchestra cond. Danko Drusko.


What does a percussion concerto have to do with a tropical fish? Nothing! But while composing this concerto, I called the first sketches ‘barracuda 1,2,3’ and so forth. I used the word barracuda as an onomatopoeia to indicate the fast four note rhythms and melodies. A catchy title anway.

The encyclopedia tells us: The barracuda ( from the Spanish dialectal barraco: overlapping tooth) is any of about 20 species of predatory fishes of the family Sphyraenidae. Barracudas are usually found in warm, tropical regions. Nocturnal creatures, they are swift and powerful, small scaled, slender in form, with two well-separated dorsal fins, a jutting lower jaw, and a large mouth with many sharp large teeth. Barracudas are primarily fish eaters. They are good, fighting sporting fishes, and the smaller ones make good eating. Barracudas are bold and inquisitive, and fearsome fishes, that may be dangerous to humans. The great barracuda is known to have been involved in attacks on swimmers. To avoid them, don't wear shiny objects. They are attracted to shiny, reflective things that look like dinner. They cause harm with their sharp jagged teeth and strong tearing jaws; slashing and creating jagged tears in your skin.


Publishers: DONEMUS and PEER Clasical for Noth America.