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altosax, piano & soundtrack. Duration 11:10

Written in 2003, originally  for just the alto sax, commissioned by and dedicated to Connie Frigo. Premiered by Connie at the 13th World Saxophone Congress, July of 2003 in Minneapolis. The commission was funded in part by the Netherlands-America Foundation.

The music is based on the voice of Billie Holiday, from various interviews during her career.

In 2013, by request of Connie, I added a piano part which was tested and enhanced by Connie and jazz pianist Greg Hankins. The piano part is ad libitum, and now included in the Billie package.

Christopher Barrick added a performance video to Billie.


In 2006 Connie recorded Billie on the 2CD+DVD box JacobTV - Shining City Basta 3091742. Billie was also recorded by Taimur Sullivan, Ties Mellema and other eminent horn players.


i was scared to death at that time you know

i was in the wings haha and i couldn’t control my knees

i’m always scared - You are? Well, you can call it that...

I waited until the last minute and said i wasn’t gonna go on...

i had every chance i got and still gettin’...

dare to sing !? - i’m always scared

but anyway, i went back and i did 16 songs

and i like to do a little tune

they make me cry, they make me happy

i walked out you know and then

bend this note, bend that note - boot

two kinds of blues:

there’s happy blues and there’s sad blues i’ve been very happy,

the blues to me is like being very sad, very sick, going to the church.

they was talkin’ jazz, hihi, at that time you know - cook!

dare to sing - i’m always scared

bend this note bend that note - boot

dare to sing, dare to sing hahaha, when i got through it

can you sing and i said sure i sing all the time

i always knew i could sing ‘cause i always did sing, but uh

so i sang, and everybody loved me and

i made about 40 dollars in tips and i got the job!

a little, a little a little too much so i walk so i talk


and my voice is too loud when i’m out in the crowd

so that people are apt to stare

i can’t hear the band at all! uh h h

know know know do they know - do they care?

that it’s only that i’m lonely and low as can be

and the tunes i request are not always the best

- and my voice is too loud - i can’t hear the band at all!

but what else can you do, at the end of a love affair?

so i smoke and i joke uh a little too much

and i laugh, and the smile on my face isn’t really a smile at all!

and the smile on my face, on my face

face face face - adadadada - for the trees

face face face - for the sun into the rock


and now a little tune specially written for me: strange fruit, strange fruit

i never had brothers or sisters, cousins or uncles,

 all i had was my mom

my mom and i had a pretty rough time when we were in Baltimore

all we had was one preacher, he used to come every Sunday.

Jesus Christ no! like Jesus no!

Jesus Christ, they want me out of Chicago or Foxton,

he said oh man it took me 10 years!

and i said: i can’t go out there, there’s too many people...