Duration: 8:35


piano & soundtrack

sax quartet & soundtrack

string quartet & soundtrack

guitar duo & soundtrack

Based on a tv ad about a fitness device,  called the Abtronic Pro.

Composed December 2002, commissioned by Deutschlandfunk. First performance and radio recording March 15 2003 at Forum neuer Musik by Kees Wieringa  Cologne, Germany. Revised in 2004.

New versions were added for guitar duo and sax quartet*

* arranged by Jose Riojas

A video was made by JacobTV in 2015

CD recordings:

Andrew Russo on:

JacobTV - Shining City 2CD+DVD Basta Records 3091742.

Groningen Guitar Duo on:

The Body of your Dreams Basta Records 30 919 22


PIANO  € 45


Jacob TV turned once again to American television, using a cheesy advertisement for a weight- loss product. The presenters enthusiastically demonstrate the Abtronic Pro, an electronic slimming belt, a device whose fine-turned wave transmissions will vibrate fat away: no sweat, no workout. ‘It’s one of the easiest ways ever to get your body in the shape you want it. It helps to tone and tighten your upper abs, lower abs, arms and legs with no sweat at all! It's one of the simplest, smallest and most comfortable toning devices ever. You can use it while watching television, doing the dishes, mowing the decide. It also works great as an abdominal toning device while you are working out on your elliptical trainer or your treadmill; or while you are out for your daily walk. It's easy and effective. And no sweat!'


‘It's most unlikely that the slim Dutchman Jacob TV, has ever tried out the slimming belt himself. But he has discovered the musical potential of the endlessly repeated commercial: the kick of feeling good, the joyful cries over pounds lost, and the faked excitement of endorsements. Jacob TV has forged the words together into an artistic polyphony of consumer terror, which he lets blare from a ghettoblaster. The pianist is the first victim: barpianist, sports-star and keyboard-machine in one, he has to follow the staccato of the speech, and also fit his chords and minimalistic rhythms in between.’

Michael Struck-Schloen, Deutschlandradio 17-3-03



PIANO + VIDEO   € 50







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