Cannibal Mess is a gamelan octet that was written  March 1998 by request of Dutch gamelan Gending and conductor Jurrien Sligter.

The piece is a short instrumental extract of Animal Mass for 4 singers and large gamelan, which was composed in 1996, commissioned by FST. Animal Mass is a mass for animals. The ‘libretto’ was entirely based on the vocabulary of animals. Cannibal Mess is an instrumental extract from that score. In 2010Cannibal Mess was arranged for gamelan & string quartet, for Ethel and Gamelan from Indonesia, for Grenswerk Enschede.


Duration: 6:00




Saron Peking

Saron Barung

Saron Demung

Bonang Panerus

Bonang Barung

Gender Barung


Kempul,Gong Suwakan & Gong Ageng