Capriccio, for violin solo was composed in 1999, commissioned by the city of Rotterdam as part of a project involving 24 Dutch composers who each wrote one capriccio which were then recorded on CD.


The violin scares me. It is an instrument of great beauty but overwhelming in its musical and techinical possibilities. But I wrote my Capriccio quite intuitively, an effort that resulted in groovy patterns, full of double stops and other techniques. The style is more reminiscent of music of Irish fiddlers’ and Bayou country blues idioms of such musicians as Clarence Gatemouth Brown than from the guy who invented the capriccio: Nicolo Paganini.

Capriccio was recorded by Benjamin Schmid JacobTV - Suites of Lux - Basta Records.

In 2009, hen 3 giants on the violin, respectively Jennifer Choi, Mary Rowell and Cornelius Duffallo performed it, I decided to do a small revision.  Capriccio was the opening act of a JacobTV radio portrait by Ethel at Merkin Hall NYC for John Schaefer’s New Sounds Live, March 11 2010.


Duration 3:30.