Complete Piano Solo Music


Klarsichtdose Mozartkugeln


Merry Xmas

Postnuclear Winterscenario No.1

Where the Heart is

Piano Concerto No. 2 'Sky Falling'


Honky Tonk Blues

Off & On Situation Blues

Views from a Dutch Train

The Body of your Dreams

Pianoboek 1 & 2

Intervallen (12 Studies for Piano)

Sandra & Jeroen van Veen, piano duo, Ronald Brautigam

Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic, Thierry Fischer

Brilliant Classics 2CD

No Man's Land - Masanori Oishi plays JacobTV  
Released 2015 on the ZIPANGU label.


Body of your dreams,

Tatatata Duo,

Garden of love,

Grab it!,

Take a wild guess,


Syracuse Blues

+ bonus track!

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BOX 1 - RAINBOW 2CD+DVD orchestral works - Basta 3091732

CD1: Goldrush Concerto, Rainbow Concerto, Tallahatchie Concerto
CD2: Oratorio Paradiso
DVD: the tv documentary "So Heavenly It Hurts", ...NOW.. for orchestra & videos byJaap Drupsteen,

Short Cut, ballet by Hans van Manen by NDT, pianoworks by Kees Wieringa, Postnuclear Winterscenario No.12 for orchestra and more...

The Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra and the North Netherlands Orchestra & Concert Choir, conducted by Jurjen Hempel and Alexander Liebreich, featuring soprano Claron McFadden, tenor Thomas Allen, saxophonist Arno Bornkamp, cellist Marien van Staalen and percussion duo Lorenzo Ferrandiz & Gustavo Gimeno


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BOX 2 - SHINING CITY 2CD+DVD boombox works - Basta 3091742

16 audio tracks and 8 video clips: Body of your dreams, Grab it!, Jesus is Coming, Heartbreakers, Billie, Buku, May this Bliss never end, Les Soupirs de Rameau, Garden of Love, Able to Be, Tatatata, Lipstick, Gulf War, Laws of Science, Shining City and more...
Electric Kompany, Houdini’s, Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Duo Berman Wieringa, Electra, Annelie de Man, Connie Frigo, Andrew Russo and others Visuals by Jan Willem Looze, Kristien Kerstens, Michiel Zegers and Danielle Kwaaitaal.


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BOX 3 - SUITES OF LUX  2CD works for strings & piano Basta 3091752

String Quartets No.1,2,3, Suites of Lux, Diverso il Tempo, Postnuclear Winterscenario No.1, pianotrio Nivea Hair Care Styling Mousse, Capriccio, Toccata, Rifugio d’Uccelli Notturni

The Netherlands Quartet, Monica Germino, René Berman, Kees Wieringa, Roeland Gehlen, Benjamin Schmid, Frank Peters



THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS Groningen Guitar Duo Basta AV 30-919-22

all guitar duos:


35 Mescals in Cuautla

The Body of your Dreams

Postnuclear Winterscenario No.2


Eastern Desert Western Desert



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chamber music: early works for voice, cello, piano, accordion, percussion, bass clarinet

Diverso il tempo,Postnuclear Winterscenario No.1, Drei stille Lieder, Rifugio d'uccelli notturni, Insonnia

Marjanne Kweksilber, Stanley Hoogland, Kees Wieringa, René Berman, Miny Dekkers, Henri Bok, Evert Lemaire








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electro-accoustic music soprano, guitars, harpsichord, soundtracks

,Postnuclear Winterscenario No.3

Les Souirs de Rameau

The Laws of Science

Van grote en kleine Vogels

The Storm

Annelie de Man, Groningen Guitar Duo, Djoke Winkler Prins, Thora Johansen




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BUKU OF HORN  Arno B plays JacobTV - Basta 30-919-62


Tallahatchie Concerto


May this bliss never end

Garden of love

Grab it!





PITCH BLACK - THE PRIM QUARTET - music for saxophones by JacobTV


Pitch Black


Postnuclear Winterscenario No. 10

Grab it!

The Garden of Love

Jesus is coming


Innova 693


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PARADISO - video oratorio CHANDOS


The complete legendary performance multicam recorded in surround the day after 9-11

NNO orchestra and choir, Claron McFadden, Thomas Allen, conducted by Alexander Liebreich

videos by Jaap & Floris Drupsteen

DVD hybrid: PAL+NTSC