Diapason was written in 1988 with financial support from the city of Groningen. The literal meaning of the Greek word ‘diapason’ is: ‘though all the strings’; however, nowadays the word diapason is also understood to refer to the tuning pitch ( the A of 440Hz.)

Many types of folk music posess a characteristic ‘bourdon’, a ground bass, with the melodic line playing constantly around it. This is what happens in Diapason, but the melodic material contains the most dissonant intervals imaginable on the keynote, in this case A. Both guitars achieve a firm synthesis: musically they reflect each other as in a mirror, The piece opens with a musical line around one single note, but out of this a more musical line develops. The middle section is fast and rhythmical, and culminates in a violent pizzicato conflict, after which there is a return to the opening theme.


Recording by Groningen Guitar Duo from the guitar duos CD BODY OF YOUR DREAMS  by JacobTV