Eastern Desert Western Desert was composed in May 1990, when I had just returned from a trip to Egypt. It is a kind of musical diary, inspired by impressions from the old and the new Egypt, and the title refers to the vast deserts that stretch out east and west of the Nile valley. Visiting the old temples I tried to imagine what the music of those ancient cultures must have been like. Reminding the temple reliefs, the harp seems to be the most important string instrument. In the Egyptian cities I heard Arabic music of course, and I was especially fascinated by the ud, the Arabic lute. The classical guitar seems to have an Arabic origin, and the name is even based on an Arabic word. Eastern Desert Western Desert is a sort of no man’s land between east and west, in which the guitars represent both deserts. As guitar strings don’t have a very long sustain, I tried to achieve some sort of harp-like atmosphere: I use chords that include a lot of loose strings. The composition is based on 3 harmonies, each based on the E.


Recording by Groningen Guitar Duo from the guitar duos CD BODY OF YOUR DREAMS  by JacobTV