GOLDRUSH CONCERTO for percussion duo &  orchestra 1996

1.Gold Mine 11:05

2.All the Gold this Mountain has 7:37

3.Gold Rush 11:37

In 1995 I wrote a percussion duo, involving the whole family of percussion instruments by request of the Danish Safri Duo. This work, called Goldrush, appeared to be an expansion for the percussion repertoire.  It has been performed countless times worldwide and is also the title piece of the fourth album of the Safri Duo (Chandos 9482). After this success the Safri Duo asked me to write a double concerto for percussion and orchestra. In 1997 that piece, called the Goldrush Concerto, came into being. Both Goldrush and Goldrush Concerto tell the story of people exploring new land in search of gold, which led to so many catastrophies in the history of man. The music is extremely vigorous, written in an intelligible language, with jazz and rock elements based on the harmonious qualities of diatonic scales. The concerto opens with the discovery of gold. But this ‘el dorado’ is of course soon to be ransacked, leading to new desperate expeditions for more gold. Gold is also to be understood here as a metaphor for happiness or bliss. In the second and third movement, electronic drum pads trigger a sampler that contains voices from an old movie about gold diggers, called the Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) starring Humphrey Bogart. In the end, one of them is killed, while his mates lose the treasure when the wind blows all of their gold dust away into the mountains, back from where it came :


How much do you figure we got today ?

We’ve taken about all the gold this mountain has...

We’ll be lightening our cigars with hunderd dollar bills!

That’s a trap, shut up or I’ll smash your head flat!

Go ahead fraud, if you did you’d never leave this wilderness alive!

The gold has gone back to where we found it!


First performance of the Goldrush Concerto was on September 5 1997 by the Safri Duo and the Gelders orkest conducted by Chrystopher Lyndon-Gee at de Vereeniging in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Shortly after the concerto was recorded by the Safri Duo with the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thomas Dausgaard  for Chandos(CH 9645) Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen based his Two Gold Variations on 2 movements of the concerto. Goldrush Concerto,has been performed worldwide over 40 times. This new recording by Lorenzo Ferrandiz, Gustao Gimeno, and the Gelders orkest under Michel Tilkin was made during the season of 2005-2006 when JacobTV was composer-in-residence. ( JacobTV - Shining City, BASTA Records )3091732 )


Publishers: DONEMUS and PEER Clasical for Noth America.