Duration: 13:00 approx


percussion duo


written March 1995 for the Safri Duo who performed it worldwide over 50 times.  Goldrush became the title piece of their fourth album.

Safri Duo - Goldrush, Chandos CHAN 9482 ( audio file enclosed )


Player 1:

vibes, 3 Tai gongs,  crotales, glockenspiel, timpani, crash cymbal,
3 ‘blocks’, bass drum, snare drum, rototoms


Player 2:

marimba ( low F), Chinese gong,
2 timpani, crash cymbal, snare drum, hi hat, 2 ‘blocks’, crotales, chimes, rototoms.



PERCUSSION DUO  SCORE, 2 PARTS AS PDF € 35                                                                             Also published by DONEMUS