live in Tilburg, 26-11-2016

world premiere Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, 02-11-2016

Requiem Harper Songs was composed 2016 with generous financial support from the Amsterdam Art Fund and is dedicated to Dutch music critic Hans Heg at his 80th birthday.

Premiere: November 2 2016 at the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw.


Nora Fischer, mezzo soprano,

Lavinia Meijer, harp

Niek Kleinjan, percussion

Christiaan Saris, percussion


I’ve been fascinated by ancient Egyptian art and culture for as long as I can remember. The Egyptian death cult, must have been a very important part of their civilisation, if you consider the incredible monuments and art objects that still exist. Harper Songs is based on 4000 year-old Egyptian poetry about death encrypted on sarcophagus. Funerals were accompanied by a blind harpist who would sing such poems.


Duration: approx 30 minutes


1. Kindly fate

2. Pass on

3. Make holiday

4. Rejoice

5. Land of silence

6. Be unwearied

7. Grieve not your heart

8. When you anchor




score & lyrics

When you anchor ( last mvt)