Trombone & soundtrack Duration: 10:31


Composed August 2006 and dedicated to Jörgen van Rijen. Commissioned by Jörgen and the 'Internationale Kamermuziekfestival Schiermonnikoog' with financial support from the FPK.

Premiere October 5 2006 at the festival.


Like White Flag and Believer, I was like WOW is based on interviews with 2 US soldiers: Sam Ross, 21, and Tyson Johnson, 22, who both returned severely wounded from the Iraq War in 2003.
The interviews come from a VPRO documentary Purple Hearts by Roel van Broekhoven.


Jan Willem Looze added the performance video.

CD recording:

I was like wow! - Jörgen van Rijen Channel Classics CCS SA 26909







we tore it up pretty bad over there...

pretty much going to the junk yard, let me say it like that, because you have burning cars over here, you have cars with bodies in it,

then you have tanks that ran over the steel rail

we just...pff... ran on top of them

thatʼs bent all up; on the top of it by the bridge,

at the corner of the bridge they have little machinery guns which they can spin,

shooting and you can see we blew that up,

we tore it up pretty bad over there

burning cars, bodies in it, tanks, bridge, blew that up

oooooh yeah just really weird, uhm

I was like wow and like confused and dazed

and trying to realize what happened and then...

jump and shout !

now I said a lot of things that were meant to be my last words

and uh they turned out not to be but uh Iʼm glad I said them anyway

oh yeah!

there was nearly anything left of the city itʼs all burnt out blew up run down

from all the bombs we dropped on it

we probably caught in about 300 mines

all that mine needs is basically - is touch it, is touch it

I mean itʼs like - like trying to touch a hair on your face

but there were some of them

that the caps removed, but the safeties never flew out

those were the ones we had to worry about

basically all it took was a slight movement,

to throw the safeties out... and bang...


after a while, after a while, after a while




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somehow somehow something hit the mines the mine was armed

somehow I mean I remember seeing it hit the ground

and just the flash come right at me

I got a stitch in my eye

I got them all through my right eye and left eye

and it.. it launched me, I mean,

yards way up in the air back

when I realized ʻman I just got blown up by about 20 minesʼ

I was like wow

after a while after a while after a while

well I had some injuries that are seen you know:

loss of eye sight, fractured skull, fractured signs lost my lower left leg

my lower right leg was pretty bad,

it had a hole about the size of a baseball blowing through it

I was repaired with 8 skin grafts

this is the worst fragmentation in my right leg

oooh jump and shout, I will jump

just really weird, I was like wow

sometimes I see it ʻcause that was the last image that you know

went through my brain, just really weird that was the last thing I saw

we should have made it the worldsʼ largest wide open desert

just blew everything to pieces

and take a bunch of bulldozers in and level it all off and start fresh making a country worth building not just a shit hole

the whole round world:

jump and shout

I was I was born to jump, jump and shout

on the seventh day on the seventh hour

the whole round world, oh yeah

on the seven on the seven on the seventh day.......