duration 7:54

cello, piano & soundtrack

tenorsax, piano & soundtrack


Written 1996 as one of the very first boombox pieces.

A tribute to jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, based on one of the last interviews before his tragic death by falling out of a hotel window
in Amsterdam in 1988. An impression of the tough life he led as an artist and a drug addict.


Recorded on CD:
cello version: René Berman & Kees Wieringa on Shining City
sax version: Arno Bornkamp and Ivo Janssen on BUKU


try to be quiet

it’s that kind of tune you know

Those chords are in the first measure !

a lot of fucking attitudes going on here...

Getting the shock treatment

and at the same time

Kind of put myself in a trance and a

Dadada dadada dada

So it was kind of tricky business

Do my business

i didn’t know that would be possible

oh ssz bwh... i guess they call it at the speed bowl!

There was a bright blue color Somebody put that down there There was a bright blue color When i say blue, i mean blue He almost died that day

it was a dream you know Things like that don’t happen There’s pain in my heart every memory i’ll keep

There’s pain in my heart

Devastating feeling...

man that was a rude awakening let me tell you
may this bliss never end....


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