For accordion and bass clarinet.

Duration approx 11:00


Written in the late summer of 1992 at the request of Duo Novair, to whom it has been dedicated. The idea came during the Darmstadter Ferienkurse, when I traversed the town centre daily twice by tram: in the morning and at night.


I was aiming for simplicity. I used  5ths and 4ths in the slow movement, Night. The second movement, Day, is a  dance, based on dominant and sub-dominant out of which both a melodies and rhythms develop. It is a dialogue, dissolving eventualy in the same sonority of the beginning, exploring the beautiful low registers of these magic instruments.


Video by Michel Marang, featuring Michel on the bass clarinet with Peter van Os, accordion.

score & parts as PDF  via download € 25 inc tax