Piano Trio Duration: 18:00 approx.

violin, cello piano


The piano trio NIVEA HAIR CARE STYLING MOUSSE was composed during the summer of 1999 for the Storioni Trio and commissioned by Lantaren/Venster with financial support from the Rotterdam Art Foundation and the  FPK.

The music was inspired by the hair cosmetics series of Nivea, more specifically: Nivea Hair Care Styling Mousse, vitality PP, protection B5.
At the time JacobTV wrote this piece, he had more hair than nowadays, but it appeared that two members of the Storioni Trio also happened to use this product to shape our hair... Now one may think that the piece was sponsored by the international company Nivea, but that is unfortunately not the case: it’s the other way around, which is quite unusual.  Obviously there are five movements:

1. Nivea 2. Hair 3. Care 4. Styling 5. Mousse


CD recording by Roeland Gehlen, Rene Berman, Frank Peters on: JacobTV - Suites of Lux Basta 3091752




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