PIMPIN Duration: 8:32

* sax quartet & soundtrack, featuring the baritone sax OR

* baritone sax solo & soundtrack

complimentary bass & drums can be added ad lib.

both versions come as one package with video ad lib.


Composed 2007 - 2008 with support from the FPK.

Dedicated to Connie Frigo and Willem van Merwijk.

Based on original speech by pimps and prostitutes.

Video 1 performance video by JacobTV


Video 2 Joan Martí-Frasquier, read his  blog about Pimpin.

Video 3 Bass clarinet version arr. Paolo Ravaglia

Video 4 by Menne Smallenbroek

Clazz Ensemble from Amsterdam recorded Pimpin on their first album.


sax quartet  featuring baritone sax € 60



sax quartet  feat.  baritone  sax + video € 70



video  € 15



bass clarinet solo*    (TBA)



electric guitar solo** (TBA)


*arranged by Paolo Ravaglia

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Man! Like my mouth -My mouth is like an uzi

Armed and dangerous with a double clip

You know what I’m sayin’?


You gotta have charisma, you gotta have charm

Artistry man! It’s a real talent man, but:

You gotta have finesse, you know what I’m sayin’?

Charm is keyword that’s my name. What’s up man?

I got four, five bitches that I’m breakin’

for this shit every day right? Man!

God - and - stand on it

You faggot motherfucka, ‘I’m a bitch’.

What’s really goin’ on?

If you caught her dancing, how you’re gonna keep her?

 What you gotta do to keep the bitch?

I’m cuttin’ her head back to the fat meat!

God - and - stand on it and...

He was on Twenty-Twenty you understand me?

God damn nothing and get down

Stand on it like a rock and - fat meat!

What’s really goin’ on?

They killed her motherfuckin’ ass man,

She’s dead too that was Sandy-Babe

Tell her I’m coming over to bust that thing out

Stand on it and get down

See, and if I would have seen that I’d be the damned pimp

 And man is this dried, he got peeled so,

Next day they come back, they wanna uzi the whole block!

Hahaha! And I got my first ring on the waiste!

When they’re on the track: ain’t no drugs , period.

Bitch ain’t on the track if I catch a bitch on a track that smoke some weed or drank on the track:

I’m kickin’ her ass, period.

And he teaches you the stuff about, you know,

What you should do, what you shouldn’t do, you know.

It’s up to, it’s really up to the girls
she wanna obey about what he...

But she don’t know the ins and outs

and the ins and outs, the outs and the ins

Love don’t mix with this pimpin’!

The hell are you talking about?


You believe you’re gonna be something with that person,

And uh and live with that person forever

And then you have these thoughts in the back of your mind,

Like: you know why am I doing this?

The thought of getting killed by a trick has come across my mind

I’m sure a lot of whores minds

Recently I had a friend, her name was Lisa

And she had been dating a person, uh

And he killed her... They found her bones

And they found another whore, her throat was slashed


I mean it takes the full one hundred motherfuckin’ percent

A bitch gonna stay in your motherfuckin’ corner, go stand up like

The Statue of Liberty, you know what I’m sayin’?

I know it’s about going on, I’m her babe

you know what I’m sayin’, young girls and everything

Hahahaha, shee uh

The more that you keep on tryin’ keep on come get her

The further away that she’s gonna be from you, you know what I’m sayin’? Hell tryin’ to stay down like four flat tires,

with two spare inner tubes!

Hell no I love for my daughter to sell it

Than to be givin’ it away, you know what I’m sayin’?

I love for my daughter to be called a whore

Than for my daughter to be called a tramp!

Time when a bitch fucks more than one man

That makes her attractive anyway


Now, as they say: manipulatin’, I had whores on and off

you know what I’m sayin’? But at the same time...bitch

Manipulatin’ the bitch, see:

The bitch was manipulatin’, I had whores

As a matter of fact:

I went through a problem with that shit before

you know what I’m sayin’?

He said: Well I ain’t no pimp

I said: I already know that, now I see in this day and age

Pimpin’! That’s what it takes, baby!

Pimpin’, you know?

What’s there what else to take you know

I shit I mean God

But then I turn around - pimpin’ - a few months later

And see him - pimpin’

And the bitch on the motherfuckin’...


And I had some of them whores right?

Man they’re motherfuckin’ right

He suited and jerked from ear to ear right?

you know what I’m sayin’?

It’s a whole bunch I’m sayin’

Like Picasso playin’ a painting

Anybody can’t paint like Picasso

you know what I’m sayin’? Artistry man!

And it was popular back then to go to school

with duffle bag full of candy!

And I was doin’ that so I always thought I was a natural right? What’s up man?

But: you know many called upon but there’s only a chosen few

Man they’re motherfuckin’ right!

He suited and jerked from ear to ear right?

I figured out what he was doing

I’m cutting her head back to the fat meat!

That’s about the worst motherfuckin’ thing about this pimpin’

That a motherfucker ever gonna know

Damn you can’t tell him shit!

There’s no worst thing!

Love don’t mix with this pimpin’

The hell you are talking about?

Instead of concentrating on gettin’ some God damned money

‘Cause that’s what she needs to do

That’s our profession

God damned motherfuckin’ money

God damned motherfuckin’ money

Love don’t mix with this pimpin’

The bitch gotta fuck with me!

Baby! Pimpin”, you know?

‘Cause f a whore don’t get no instruction,

She gonna be headin’ for self destruction!


Hahahahahahahahahaha Hihihihihihihihi

Hahahahahahahahahaha Well it sucks

You know does he truly love me?

Or is this a figment of my imagination?

I’m cuttin’ her head back to the fat meat!