duration 6:00


version A orchestra

version B small ensemble


Commissioned by FPK, written 2008-2009 for the Ricciotti Ensemble, based on a sermon JacobTV witnessed on a Sunday morning in April 2008 on a local television station in Columbia SC.  The original version was scored for the JacobTV Band, as part of Cities change the songs of birds.


orchestra: ( rental, contact Donemus)

pic,fl,ob,clBb,bs, 4Fh*,tpC,tb,drums, string orchestra

* Instead of 4 French horns, one may consider: horn 2,3,4 to be replaced by 3 alto saxes



sax quartet, harp or marimba, bass, drums

Video by Jan Boiten. Revised 2014 by JacobTV

The audio file contains both a click track for the conductor (using headphones) and the original voice soundtrack of the evangelist, wired to a PA.

On the video you hear the Ricciotti Ensemble from their  album OP!



ensemble version inc. video € 60


price inc. shipping & tax


Resurrection Power

The devil has sneaked in, he has come in on your brain side

Power, over this demon. Resurrection Power, Power, Power

I’m claiming deliverance of the resurrection

I’m claiming deliverance over this demon, over the devil

I have the victory, over the devil, over this demon

This is the hour, this is the day that you wanna get out of

We’re coming’ up: Power, I said I’ve got victory,

I’ve got anybody here, hey yeah!

Power, I’m gonna claim power

Power over depression, your mind is confused,

you are perverted, you need help,

You need resurrection power!

Somebody’s going through something...

Counseling won’t help you, out of that thing

Tell the devil: ‘You’re a liar you ain't gonna have my mind!’

You need the Power of God to change you!

Somebody said: Power

You ain’t gonna have me rocking in no chair asking somebody:

'‘What is my name?’'

And whatever the devil is trying to do with you:

From the dead, from the dead

Raise Jesus, raise Jesus

I’m not losing my mind over nothing!

I’m coming up, from the dead!

By the by the Power! Just like God:

Power! Resurrection Power!

Hey yeah, say: Yeah!