Written in the summer of 2015 Suppositions is scored for live instruments, soundtrack and video, consisting of 3 different pieces forming a trilogy. The total duration is about 17 minutes.


SUPPOSITIONS can be performed in different ways, individually or in the above order.

The videos are ad libitum, attempting to add an extra layer to the idea of peace that is coming. The alto flute was on my mind when I wrote it, as well as the Bb clarinet.


SUPPOSITIONS is written for and dedicated to three dear friends and giants on the flute:

Margaret Lancaster in New York City, Manuel Zurria in Rome and Alejandro Escuer in Mexico City.


1. PEACE WILL COME for 2 live instruments, soundtrack and video is a canon that can be performed by 2 alto flutes, 2 Bb clarinets, 2 violins, or a duo combination of any of these instruments. The title comes from ‘Changing of the Guards’, a song by Bob Dylan from his album Street Legal. In June 2015 I visited the German Black Forest, which inspired me to use a variety of  cuckoo clocks.


Peace will come  works best in large spaces, like churches or industrial halls, or subways.

Both voices are identical and of equal importance, but you may want to achieve a spacial effect by placing the first voice closer to the audience than the second one, so that is sounds like a delayed. You may use either a boombox or - in large spaces - a PA.In that case, also consider amplifying the live instruments.


For solo performances,  one can use the special soundtrack that has a 2nd voice on it, but that is just a midi simulation of an alto flute. It is much better to record the second part first and mix it with the soundtrack.

Also it is possible to perform PEACE WILL COME without video or even ‘a cappella’, without soundtrack.


2. SO THEY TELL US for alto flute or Bb clarinet and soundtrack with video s based on audio leftovers in my archive: Sampled voices from the international media, featuring news anchors, politicians, refugees and what have you. The piece tries to deal with problems of our time in an abstract way. The meaning of the words is less important than its emotion. Therefore, the lyrics were not added, they should be interpretated as they sound, like hearing a radio coming from a different room.


3. RIGHT THING TO DO for alto flute or Bb clarinet, soundtrack and video is based on a 2015 promotion campaign by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Mark in his own words:

We have to ask ourselves: What kind of community do we wanna be? Are we a community that values people and improving people’s lives above all else? Or are we a community that puts the intellectual purity of technology above people’s needs? As we’re having this debate, remember, that the people this affects most, the 4 billion unconnected, have no voice on the internet! They can’t argue their side on the comments below. Do we connect that fisherman in India now? That expected mother in Ghana? And that student in Columbia? Do we keep pushing beyond them to connect their loved ones and their whole communities too? The 4 billion unconnected… Or do we shut them out? Let’s take that opportunity: Let’s connect them! It’s the right thing to do! It’s just the right thing to do!