WEATHER REPORT for mixed choir a cappella


Composed 2014 for Collegium Utrecht

Première April 11 & 12  2015 at Pieterskerk Utrecht

conductor:  Lodewijk van der Ree


1. Storm Surge 6:30

2. Sunshine 7:40



In the summer of 2011 I 'survived' huricane Irene on the 23d floor of a midtown apartment in Manhattan. There was a curfew,  public life came to a stand still. On tv I watched the local media reporting about the approaching storm. I taped many of these reports for my reality opera THE NEWS.  The Storm Surge lyrics are based on it as well.



In the summer of 2014 I was testing new vocal software. Blue, a virtual soprano, could sing in latin and English. Her unearthly voice was very inspiring. I asked her to sing the words  ‘Will the sunshine?’ That was the unintentional start of a new choir piece. Sunshine is not just about the typical Dutch longing for a bit of sunshine, but it is also a metaphor for the worldwide concern about recent climate changes.


Credits to Lodewijk van der Ree for his advise.




Raindrops, rain, raindrops tonight.

Outbreaks of rain tonight.

Heavy showers with hail and thunder.

With strong winds and hurricane warnings.

 Atrocious weather conditions.

We don’t mess with Mother Nature,

we are smart enough to know that!

Violent thunderstorms, outbreaks of heavy rain,

with some blustery winds coming in.

Rain everywhere, really everywhere, yes, everywhere...

It’s like a scene from a movie about the apocalypse.

We’re not taking any chances: Evacuate for safety!

You know that I’m scared to death!

Hurricane warnings, storm surge coming up on to the land tonight.

Storm surge comes in from the sea tonight, so...



Will the sun shine?

Will the sun shine again? Will the sun shine?


special video clip by Amersfoorts Kamerkoor conducted by  Rienk Bakker


was performed by

4 fine Dutch amateur choirs:


Collegium Utrecht


Leiderdorper Kamerkoor


Noorder Vocaal Ensemble


Amersfoorts Kamerkoor

( video clip!)




audio: midi simulation